May 29, 2011

Presenting Sharon Ervin

This week I’m featuring Sharon Ervin on this twelve week MURDER WE WRITE 2011 Author Tour. Help me welcome her, folks!


Hi, Beth. Thanks for inviting me to visit your blog today. I want to tell you a little about my second published novel, BODACIOUS, a book inspired by a tiff with my husband. Bill thinks faster in an argument. A sore loser, I created a hero who didn’t talk for BODACIOUS, my best selling Kindle title.

Log line of BODACIOUS: Unable to find her way alone from the isolated cabin back to the Twenty-First Century and civilization, Sara Loomis must convince Bo, a stubborn, old, mute mountain man to help

Excerpt from BODACIOUS:

They had gone less than two miles up and through a gulch then downhill through a stand of pines, when she saw lights from a cabin nestled in a valley separating two low mountains.  That seemed to be their destination, although the wolf’s doleful wail came from beyond.

A short, stout woman with a shawl clutched around her ample frame bustled up from somewhere below the cabin. Could she be Bo’s girlfriend?  Sara didn’t think so. Looking beyond the woman, Sara saw reflections and heard the muffled torrent of rushing water.

The woman waved.  “Bo.  Thank God.”  She spoke breathlessly as her fat legs propelled her toward them.  “It’s Lutie. He rode the mule acrost…”  Her voice faltered as she tried to catch her breath.  “…to cut a tree for Deborah.  Before he come back,” she hesitated, catching her breath again, “the river swoll.  He only got part way.”  The woman stopped directly in front of Bo, staring up into his face and gasping.  “He’s stuck out there on that dern spit.  The mule come on the rest o’ the way without him.  The water’s coming up fast.  Fayette ain’t got back from town yet.”

Sara had a hard time following the account.  She peered into Bo’s face.  Who was Lutie and why was this woman telling Bo all this?  Was he obligated to her?  Sara looked again at the dark, silent sweep of the river.  What did the woman expect Bo to do?

He nodded, his calm demeanor soothing the woman momentarily, allowing her to catch her breath.  Apparently he understood what she wanted.  He didn’t seem alarmed.

The woman glanced at Sara, said “Howdy,” studied her for a moment, then looked back at Bo who handed his guns to Sara, removed his coat, and handed her that, as well.  She felt honored until she realized what he must be thinking.  She grabbed his shirt sleeve. “Don’t be crazy, Bo.  You can’t go into that water.  The current’s too fast.”

With a look of mingled annoyance and surprise, he pulled his arm free, walked into the shadows around the cabin and returned moments later, leading a mule.  Bo had skinned out of his clothes, down to the pants of his long handles, a T-shirt, and socks.  Sara bit her lips and continued shaking her head.  “Please don’t go.  I don’t want you to.”  As if what she wanted would influence him.

He didn’t hesitate as he led the mule, but the animal balked at the water’s edge.  Sara hoped the mule’s common sense was contagious.  Bo pulled the mule’s head down, took a firm hold of its sizable ear and put his mouth close to it.  It looked as if Bo bit the ear, or maybe he only whispered into it.  Whatever the method, it convinced the animal to step out beside him into the black, swirling water. . . .

Sara stood paralyzed as Bo eventually emerged from the river, her eyes locked on the man.  She had intended to fling her arms around him, to hold onto him and comfort him and praise him for his courage.  Instead, she stood stunned, staring.  The powerful man who had emerged from the water was a stranger.  She retreated a step, confused, frightened.

His hair and beard were plastered back revealing a high forehead, full dark eyebrows and a strong chin.  The wet clothing clung to him, outlining the swells and crevices of a strapping body, broad shoulders, muscular biceps.  She could see the definition of his chest and stomach, his slim waist and narrow hips.  The long underwear clung to his well-formed legs. Amazed, Sara caught her breath as her eyes trailed from his face down his long physique.

This was not the old man who had shuffled into the river.  Yet this was the same man who only appeared to be old behind the whiskers and layers of clothing.  Now the river had exposed the truth.


Sooner born, Sharon has a degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. Once a newspaper reporter, Sharon now works in her husband and son’s law office half-days, gleaning material for her nine published novels. She is married to McAlester, Oklahoma attorney Bill Ervin and has four grown children.

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Sharon, I love your excerpt! It’s very real, and I will be buying a copy for my new Kindle. I can’t imagine a better place to work for mystery ideas! Thanks so much for sharing your excerpt and a bit about yourself this week!  Good luck and cheers, Beth


Folks, This week I’ll be featured at Vivian Zabel’s blog . Come on over and see what I had to say there. Folks, Vivian’s husband has been having serious medical issues and she’s spending most of her time at the hospital with him, so she probably won’t have time to respond herself, and it’s possible my blog might not even get be there this week, but if it is I’ll be checking in from time to time to say hi and answer your posts. Update:  My blog is up there.  Kudos for Vivian for doing that, even with a sick husband.  Thank you, Vivian!

Also, if you’re a new writer and you want to know what “voice” really means, I was guest blogger over at Ellis Vidler’s blog this past week and I’m sure you’ll be able to find my post as well as another newer one from the upcoming blogger over there, OR maybe a post by Ellis herself. Her url is: . Ellis is a former grammar teacher and her almost daily posts are a treasure trove of information, as are my Lecture pages on this same website. If you need help, good information is out there on all these blogs, so please take advantage of it. We do these things for YOU.

Hope you all have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day holiday, and if you see one of our servicemen or women, be sure and say Thank You. They’ll understand and be grateful, even if that’s all you say. It’s the “Thank You” that counts.

And don’t forget, you can find RAVEN TALKS BACK, only $2.99 for the e-book version and also in print at the following places: , my Raven Talks Back Kindle page. and , my Barnes & Noble Nook page .

Come back next week for my next guest blogger, Jackie King.  I love y’all, you know I do!  I’ll leave the porch light on for you.

XOXOXO, Beth Anderson, DenaliDawg, Sarge, and BooBoo

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  1. I scheduled my post to appear in the morning, so, Beth, you should be up and running tomorrow.

    I enjoyed the excerpt, Sharon.


  2. Very interesting post! I read BODACIOUS when it first came out and loved it! I’ve always thought that the heroine was a younger version of Sharon. I highly recommend this novel–perfect for summer reading!

  3. Vivian, thank you for coming over. I hope your husband is improving. And Jackie, the book really does sound good. My TBB list is getting out of hand…;-)

  4. Wow, Sharon, that is quite a cover! Enjoyed reading about the book.


  5. Sharon, you never cease to amaze me. Your characterizations are dead on. What really amazes me is that you don’t mind telling us they are from real people. lol

    I’m curious — do those real people get mad at you or do they like being characters in your books?

    Pat Browning

  6. Your book cetainly sounds bodacious, Sharon. The cover alone should make the bestseller list!

  7. Sharon,

    I have to agree: that is one eye-catching cover!


  8. Sharon and Beth, great post. Thanks for sharing. Nice cover…..

    Congratulations on your success.

  9. What a unique concept. Great excerpt, and wonderful cover. You should do well with this one.

  10. Hi, Pat, and Bloggers,

    Actually, these blogs are my first revealing that my characters come from real people. “Write what you know,” the creative writing gurus said, and I listened. How else could a writer come up with so many quirks except by studying real folks. They say truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to have some basis in fact. Truth doesn’t.

    Thanks, guys, for taking time to comment. I’m loving this tour and learning all the time. Beth, working out the page set-ups has been part of the process for me. Do not apologize or fret. You’re doing good.

  11. Wow! What an intriguing excerpt. I’ve got to read the rest of the book!

  12. Sorry I’m so late getting so here, Sharon, but it was worth the wait. Great excerpt!







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