April 8, 2011

Hey, Did You Happen to See the Most Beautiful Book in the World?

Raven Talks Back Cover


Remember the song, “Hey, if you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world”? I bet you don’t if you’re under thirty, but I’ve been humming it all day long in my head because my newest book, coming out at Krill Press in Kindle, Nook and print sometime in May, is so beautiful. Just look at it!

I thought maybe y’all would like to read the back book blurb so you’ll get a general idea what this book is about, so here it is:

Raven Talks Back Blurb:
Raven Morressey is living the good life. Nice home, husband, three healthy children, and it’s finally summertime, when life is again lovely in Valdez, Alaska. All this explodes one morning when builders, digging up her back yard, uncover a recently murdered headless, handless female body covered with scarification—hundreds of colored designs cut into the skin to resemble tattoos. As if this isn’t enough, where the corpse’s head should have been is a large rock with a face painted on that resembles an Alaska Native mask.

Raven’s eight year old son, Timmy, is the first one to see the body and is suddenly unable to walk or respond in any way. On that same day, Raven hears the voice of her long dead Athabascan father coming from Timmy, who is unaware of the ancient hunting chants he sings in his sleep and the words he suddenly speaks in Raven’s native tongue—a language he does not know.

Jack O’Banion, Valdez’s Chief of Police for the past few years, faced with his first murder case in Valdez, begins his official investigation. Everywhere he goes he finds nothing but deception. The town seems to have closed into itself and nobody will tell him anything that might help him solve this case. Then one murder quickly morphs into two, then three, and the Alaska State Troopers are hot on his back to find the killer now.

Between Raven’s voices and the visions she develops after the first murder, and Jack, whose career as well as his contented life in Valdez are on the line, they both feel they have to find the killer and restore some sanity to the town—not to mention their own lives, which are quickly unraveling out of control.

Are you fascinated yet? Yes? Well, first, I want to tell you that this is a mainstream mystery. There is a little sex, although that is not the focus of this book. There is some violence, but most of it is off-scene. And there is some language your Aunt Millie probably wouldn’t use, but hey, the lead guy in this book is a law enforcement officer. If you think for one minute they say things like, “Oh, shuckie darn!” or “Goodness gracious me!” when something bad happens that somebody else did but they have to go straighten out, often at great danger to themselves, you’d be sorely mistaken. But I assure you, there is no really awful gutter language, and not a hint of an F-bomb.  I was tempted once, but I discarded the idea pretty fast. So I’m just letting you know ahead of time, it’s not a cozy.

We have real people who are just buzzing along day by day, living their quiet lives in a small town when the murders start happening, and suddenly everyone involved who has a something to hide–which would be all of them–becomes evasive, afraid the investigation might reveal what they definitely don’t want revealed.

The sad fact of the matter is though, this is exactly what does happen in any murder investigation, even if you’re just an innocent person who is baffled by whatever just happened. Suddenly your entire life is opened up, good and bad, and at that point, everyone in any way connected to the crime is looking at a very large spotlight beamed straight into their private lives.

Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it, about what you maybe really ought not to be doing. What would you do if what happened to this family suddenly happened in your back yard and you found your family being closely looked at? Everything is exposed in a murder investigation no matter who it hurts. The police still have to catch anyone who kills another human being.

In a very few weeks, I’ll have the first three chapters to post here at my website on my Books page so that you can read at least that far and decide if this is something you’ll like to read. I hope you will.  You have no idea how much I hope you will, because I feel it’s my best novel yet, thanks to an excellent editor.

That’s it for this week. Please stop back by next week to hear some about Raven, my heroine, the person behind the raven you see perched quietly on one of the crosses on my beautiful book cover, looking around…seeing things nobody else sees…hearing things nobody else hears…

I love y’all, and I’ll leave the porch light on for you.
P.S. Denali, BooBoo and Sarge all say “Hey!”

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  1. I love the cover and can’t wait to read the book!!!







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