March 26, 2011

News from B. A.

Well, have I got news for y’all! Lots of it, actually.

No, no, I’m not getting married again. I’m like Liz Taylor (God rest her soul, I can’t believe she’s gone), I am NEVER, EVER, NEVER!!! going to get married again. There, that’s settled. The line of available guys can disperse now, unless you just want to take me out to dinner. Or to the ballgame. Or a NASCAR race, hint hint.

But I do have Incredibly Exciting News! I’ve just signed with KRILL PRESS so they can publish my brand new, never before seen book, RAVEN TALKS BACK. Publication date will be sometime in June and you can bet I’ll update you on the exact date. The e-book versions will be available first, both Kindle and Nook (hurrah!) and the print version will come along a couple of weeks later.

This is SUCH a great time to be publishing a book with a new, to me, and exciting pub house that focuses only on Mystery and Suspense. Those guys at Krill really know what they’re doing and in addition to doing all the right things and gradually growing their company over the past couple, three years, they have been assembling quite a stable of authors, all of them, I’m delighted to say, fabulous writers. I’m honored just to be in their company, seriously. I know I’m rarely serious, but this time I definitely am. Go check them out at or on Facebook at .
Be sure to ‘like’ them so you can keep up with all their news because hopefully I’ll be in it from time to time and so will a whole passel of great authors you’ll love.
And by the way, if you’d like to friend me at Facebook, here’s my url there: .
Yes, I’m identified by a number on my url, not a name. I only get the name when you click on the number. I didn’t get there in time to beat out another Beth Anderson for the name/url thing, but you know how I am. If something new comes along, I’m a Taurus and I might try it in about ten years. We do tend to plod.

Thankfully I have my alter ego, Hotclue, to keep me from getting too ploddy. That’s her entire job, which you’ll find out about as you follow my blog. Right here. Yes, this is it! You found me! I mean us! Me and Hotclue, the Dynamic Duo! Not to mention my primary occasional guest bloggers, DenaliDawg the Food Thief, BooBoo the Night Cuddler (who only cuddles with me, everyone else, look out!), and Sarge, The Wonder Cat, who flies from the garage rooftop from time to time, a sight to behold.

Another note: If you’re going to be anywhere near the Schaumberg, Illinois Public library on Saturday, April 9th, be sure and stop in because I’ll be there presenting a workshop on writing a synopsis with a group called Gotta Write, with a few other mystery writers. That’s going to be the first in many appearances, so stay tuned. If you can’t attend, I’ll tell you all about it after it’s over. But you really should come. You’ll learn something and it’s FREE! Yay!

And ANOTHER note: I’m going to be traveling around the blogosphere very soon with a series of blog appearances where I’ll mouth off on any number of subjects pertaining to writing. This blog tour is called the Mystery We Write 2011 Blog Tour. (Catchy, huh?) I’ll be posting the entire itinerary on my Press Page within the next few days as soon as I find it in all those new envelopes on my desktop. In addition to me appearing on 12 other websites for 12 weeks straight, the others in the group will be appearing here with their blogs for the same 12 weeks. It sounds complicated, but our Fearless Leader, Anne K. Albert, a courageous woman if there ever was one, has made it look easy. Bless her heart, when I first heard about this I thought, this is going to be like herding cats for whoever makes the schedule, but it’s all working out and you’ll see the evidence right here, when you read 12 blogs by other authors. Not all at once, you understand. Once a week. In between I’ll pop in to try and keep you happy.

Anyhow, back to my book. This is a book I’ve been talking about for a while, mainly to myself and my long-suffering crit partners, and finally after a long hiatus, I snapped to a few months back and finished it the way I wanted it. No more year-long disasters with agents whose only goal in life is to either make money off of you and then destroy you, or just destroy you. I was going to do it my way this time and I did, and now you’ll be able to read it soon. The best thing is, the e-books will be priced low enough so that people in these financially hard times will be able to buy it easily. $2.99 for the e-book. A real deal. I don’t know the paperback cover price yet. In fact, I don’t even know what it looks like. Yet. I can only hope it has a photo of Brad Pitt on the cover, but I’m not holding my breath for that. 😉

So if you have a Nook or a Kindle, or even if you don’t, stay tuned and I’ll let you know where and when you can snap up this book for a song. It takes place in Valdez, Alaska, in the summertime. It’s a mainstream murder mystery, like my other books have been, but it’s still unlike any other I’ve ever written. When you read it, you’ll see why. I like to keep outdoing myself with my books. It’s so much easier on everybody if I’m just competing with myself. So far I’m WINNING! (Charlie Sheen doesn’t have the lock on that, at least.)

I’ll be telling you a bit about it week to week now, and shortly, after I get my book cover graphic, there will be an entire page on my Books page with a couple, three chapters on it to hopefully make you rabid to get at the whole book. Meantime, I’ll tell you some about it and introduce you to my cast of wonderful characters who are OH, so real to me. So much so that when I wrote THE END a few weeks ago, I found tears rolling down my cheeks because I thought I was saying goodbye to people I really love.

HOWEVER, here’s more news. This book is going to be the first in a series so it’s highly possible you’re never going to get rid of me and my chattering blogs as I move through the other books. Book two is filtering into my mind pretty quickly. Now all I have to do is get the plot set in my mind (and in a notebook) and I’ll be good to go.

Nite for now, folks, or peeps if you’re stopping by from Facebook. Be back in a few days with more about RAVEN TALKS BACK and whatever else is going on in my life. Don’t worry, if things get too boring, I’ll let Hotclue make up something. You really ought to sign up for my newsletter too. I even put recipes there. I’ll probably even put some on here from time to time. Leave a comment and tell me what you’d like to cook, I’ll give you a great recipe for it in my next blog.

Come back soon, ya hear me? I’ll leave the porch light on for you.
Beth and Hotclue and Denali and BooBoo and Sarge.


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  1. I loved this updated blog and am really looking forward to reading “Raven Talks Back”. You’ve certainly got a full plate going now, babe. Take care but keep on truckin’ as they say or just keep on writing.

  2. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to read it – oh crap, no Kindle – but I do have a birthday coming up. LOL

  3. Congratulations! You’ve got a dandy publisher, things should go well for you and couldn’t happen to a more deserving author!

  4. I know I’ve said it before, babe, but welcome, and congratulations! Can’t wait to read your book!



  5. Hey, thank y’all for the nice comments!

    And Julie, I have your book and I can’t wait to read Testarossa too! (I hope I spelled that right.)

    Marilyn, I’ve read a couple of yours and loved them, as you know.







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