April 23, 2007

A Couple of Things


Most all authors in the mystery field have, by this time, learned that one of our own fairly young authors, Elaine Viets, suffered a stroke almost on the eve of publication of her new book, Murder with Reservations: A Dead-End Job Mystery. You’ve probably heard of her. Her website is here: http://www.elaineviets.com and I urge you to visit it.

Elaine is at home in south Florida, recuperating, and one of her main concerns right now is that she won’t be able to tour, as she usually does, to meet and greet fans new and old. Elaine has had at least a dozen books in her two mystery series and is wildly popular with her fans. Because she’s ours, in a sense, we’d like to help her.

Since authors tend to respond when one of us develops major troubles, a lot of us are either going to add her books when we tour, or at signings, or what I’m doing here today, asking you to support her by buying Murder With Reservations either at your local bookstore or it can always be ordered through online bookstores.

I’d like to add my request to this, and invite all my fans who like fun, fascinating mysteries with characters you’d love to have in your own lives (except for the killers, of course) to consider buying her book. I’d appreciate that and it would really help her as she recuperates.

To aid and abet you, here’s a short blurb on Murder With Reservations:

The young couple looked like inept burglars sneaking through the lobby of Sybil’s Full Moon Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. They were both dressed in black, which made them stand out against the white marble. At their wedding two days ago, they’d been slim, golden and graceful, trailing ribbons and rose petals through the hotel.
Now they moved with the awkward stiffness of amateur actors trying to look natural. The bride’s black crop top exposed a midsection sliding from sexy to sloppy fat. The groom’s black T-shirt and Bermudas failed the test for cool. They were boxy rather than baggy. He looked like a Grand Rapids priest on vacation.
The honeymooners avoided the brown plastic grocery bag swinging between them, carefully ignoring it as it bumped and scraped their legs. That screamed, “Look at me.” They stashed the bag behind a potted palm while they waited for the elevator.
“Red alert,” Sondra at the front desk said into her walkie-talkie. She was calling Denise, the head housekeeper. “The honeymoon couple just passed with a suspicious grocery bag. They’re getting out on the third floor.”

Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it! It will be, I promise you. I do hope you’ll help Elaine out with her sorta kinda virtual tour and buy a copy.

Thank you, all of you!


Just to catch you up, Hotclue is still vacationing. Last I heard she was in St. Moritz, either skiing or not. I know on those skiing trips she seems particularly fond of the sushi bars, or just plain bars, actually, so I don’t know if you’ll find her truly skiing or not but I’m sure she’ll tell us about it when she returns sometime next week.

Meantime, my daughter did get married on April 7th. To show you just how thick blood is, her wedding invitations said, in part, 4/7 at 4:07 in the afternoon. Only a kid of mine would do that, but at exactly 4:07 that afternoon, with all of us standing out on their balcony in thirty degree weather (yes, she actually did the deed outside), overlooking a beautiful lake, the bride walked down the aisle, which was actually one of their stone walkways, and there she legally and publicy and, I might add, ecstatically, gave her heart and soul to the most adorable man I’ve met in a long time, and he gave his to her.

It was a beautiful, emotion-packed wedding, not a dry eye in the house – er – balcony, after which we had a gorgeous reception (inside, thank God) full of gourmet food – are you ready for this – Made By The Groom! that even Emeril couldn’t outdo, champagne punch, and much, much wine. Then we ran them out of the house so the family could take over every bedroom in the place. 😉

At that point I’m sure they were glad to get away from us. I sure would have been. In all honesty I did tried to talk them into taking me along, but for some reason they declined.

That’s it for the moment, folks. This coming weekend I’m going to post an interview with a young author I’ve known a long time, Scarlett Dean, who does her best to live up to the name.

Scarlett started out writing horror, but just broke out of those ranks and into mystery with her new book, which you DON’T EVEN want to miss.

See you again in a few days. Love y’all, you know I do, and so does my alter ego, Hotclue, who had better get back home soon. I miss her and I know y’all do too.


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  1. Congratulations on the wedding! I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t take you on the honeymoon. lol.

    I’m sorry to hear Elaine Viets is ill. To help, I’m off to Borders and buy my own copy of Murder with Reservations. Don’t tell anyone, but mystery books are my passion.

  2. You’ll like her writing. She’s very funny and a great writer. Plus, she writes about normal people like… well, I was going to say us, but I guess not. 😉

    Thanks for popping by,
    Hugs, Beth







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