December 15, 2006

Christmas Eve 2006 Word Pictures

A tiger striped kitten sleeps under the tree,
one paw resting on a tissue-wrapped catnip mouse.

A grandmother peers into the night,
watching for a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer,
exactly as she’s done every Christmas Eve
for the past sixty-three years.

A tiny premature newborn lies in a neonatal crib,
surrounded with wires and tubes invented by man,
but wrapped in the arms of God.

A frail white haired man in a VA hospital bed
dreams of the night he danced with a beautiful movie star
at the Stage Door Canteen, on this night a half-century ago,
and he smiles in his sleep.

A father sits in the basement at two a.m. and shakes his head
as he prepares to put the last part on his son’s new bicycle
and discovers one crucial bolt is missing.

A distraught mother in a war-torn Mid-Eastern country
holds her small daughter close,
wondering if her husband, who went out to buy food,
will ever come back again.

A jack-in-the-box, wrapped and hidden under the tree,
hunkers restlessly,
waiting for a small child to spring him in the morning.

A GI in Afghanistan leans against his jeep,
opens a package from home and finds a pillowcase.
He pulls it out, inhales the scent of her perfume,
closes his eyes, and smiles.
He’ll sleep with his wife beside him tonight.

A tiny girl in her pink and white Barbie bedroom
lies in bed wide awake,
one bare foot peeking out from under her blanket
as she waits, hoping to hear Santa discover
the milk and cookies she left out for him.

A mother in America snuggles under her comforter,
almost asleep, but still awake enough
to take one more satisfied sniff at the air,
rich with the aroma of cinnamon and brown sugar.

A sixteen-year-old runaway sits under an L.A. bridge,
head bowed on his crossed arms,
thinking about the Christmas when he was four
and his only problem was Lincoln Logs.

One perfect cardinal perches outside
on the rim of her empty snow-filled nest,
wondering where her children are tonight.

A single mom ever since one unspeakable day in Iraq
sits alone in her darkened living room
with only an American flag to keep her warm.

A young man, shivering with anticipation,
reaches into his jacket pocket,
reassures himself the diamond ring is still there,
clears his throat and says
to the most beautiful girl in the world,
“I have something to ask you.”

A six-year-old black toy dog,
lying crumpled under the bed,
checks his war wounds and wonders
if his tenure is about to expire.

An American politician’s wife in a sequined red gown
pauses with her hand on the banister,
takes one last look at the massive Christmas tree in the hallway
before she heads upstairs to the White House living quarters,
and wonders if there will ever really be Peace On Earth.

And in Chicago, the wife of a wildly popular young politician
ponders her family’s fate,
wondering whether she really wants to walk, every day,
up those same White House stairs.

© Beth Anderson 2006

Happy Holidays to all of you, wherever you are and however you celebrate. Even with all the problems we have in the world today, remember the beautiful words from The Polar Express:

Always believe. Don’t let the magic slip away.

Some days, the magic is all we have.

Thank you so much for visiting our little blog. We love you all, you KNOW we do. Please come back again soon. We’ll leave the light on for you.

Beth Anderson

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  1. Dear Beth and Hots,

    What a beautiful blog. Thank you. May you both enjoy peace and happiness during this season and for the years to come.

  2. We’re going to try, my generous friend. Thank you for letting us give you our vision of this holiday season, no matter where people may live. We all have the same worries and the same joys.

    Love, Beth and Hotclue

  3. Amazing. Heartwarming, heartbreaking, spine tingling beauty.


  4. Hotclue: But enough about me. Did you like the blog?

    Beth: Hotclue, stop it, you egomaniac! Erika, thank you so much. That means a lot to both of us.

    Love, Beth and Hotclue

  5. Hotclue,
    What a wonderful present to all of us.

  6. Thank you, Maryann. Coming from you, we truly feel honored because you’re such a talented, solid writer. We both hope you have a wonderful holiday season,
    Beth and Hotclue

  7. Beautiful, Beth! Merry Christmas, my friend, Hugs, Lonnie

  8. Hugs right back to you, Lonnie. Hope your holiday is wonderful.

    ~~Hots and Beth

  9. Read it late, cried twice, love it forever. Thanks Ladies

  10. You’re more than welcome, Yasmine. We both love you.
    Hots and Beth

  11. Dear Beth and Hotclue,
    Your blog is so informative, fun and also made me cry.
    Keep up the excellent writing.
    To Hotclue…the next time you have trouble with runny fudge give it a kick in the …well to be delicate and feminine you know what I mean…and send it to the Canadian Rockies where I will set it on a glacier to harden..that is before global warming destroys the glacier and the fudge. Oh! No!

    To Beth…Thank you for your words of advice on research…very helpful.
    Your word picures are soulful, explicit, and capture the “essence” of humanity.
    Thank you and keep up the excellent writing.
    May you both have a prosporous and Happy New Year.

  12. Sandra, thank you so much for your very nice words! We’re so glad you liked it, and please come back soon.
    Hugs from Chicago, where we just got some of your Canadian winter air overnight. Good thing I love cold weather, so thank you for that, too.
    Warm hugs from
    Beth and Hotclue







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