November 4, 2006

Furiously Blogging on This Saturday, November 4, 2006

I’m getting toothaches from gritting my teeth to keep from spouting off over the upcoming mid-term election next week. I can barely keep my mouth shut on SO many issues I have valid comments about, that have me SO boiling hot I may have to enter rehab myself to recover from it after the election, but I truly don’t want to offend anyone who reads this blog because I love y’all, you KNOW I do. So I’m going to control myself this weekend and restrict myself to only one small sentence:

Three. More. Days.

Thank you for somewhat allowing me to have my say.
Hotclue Herself

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  1. Hotclue, I’m with you! I’m so sick of the tv political ads, so negative, so stupid. “I’ll reform Congress.” Yeah right. Tell that to Mark Foley. Even my son, JMan, is noticing the negativity and asked me if a candidate was really that bad. I told him no, it’s just a way to appeal to fears and not reason. Take the young black man Ford, running for Congress or Senate, I forget in South Carolina. He went to one Playboy party, left early. And now, his opponents are running a tv ad with a buxom blonde saying his name. Talk about trying to play on the fears of whites, black men and white women. However, I’ve seen more interracial couples in the south, so that may backfire. But it’s still ugly and racist. I’m sticking to the cable channels. We have One Demand, and there are hundreds of free movies I can watch. I can watch all six Star War movies, in any order until the end of the year. And yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I know Topinka and BloElvis, our present governor, won’t be showing up there.

  2. I think that ad on Harold Ford, who is one of the finest legislators we have, will backfire bigtime. I hope so, anyhow. All the news sources are talking about how stupid and unfair and misleading that ad is. It’s perfectly obvious that it’s meant to appeal to the prejudice that still exists in the south–as well as in other places, the south isn’t alone there. I’m just hoping that maybe people will vote on the issues and not because of any political ad they see, particularly not one that deliberately appeals to an ugly prejudice that should have been eliminated decades ago.

    Enjoy your Star Wars movies, my sweet friend.







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