August 19, 2006

Who Googles Hotclue?

I thought this week I’d share with y’all something that has been an endless source of high, hilarious entertainment to me ever since Beth first gave me this blog to babble and tap dance around in every week.

This (below) is a list of some of the search phrases people have used to reach our website over the past month, along with some comments from me in parentheses. I love them. Some made me laugh out loud, and I’m sure some didn’t intend to wind up here on my little blog, but still, they had to click on a link to get here and they did, so I’m happy. They came, they looked around, I hope they laughed and I hope they all come back.

Before I start making fun of some of the search phrases though, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who Googles us, or Googles anything, and winds up here.

Some phrases are because of our books, some because of our workshops, most are because of blog entries we’ve (mostly I’ve) written over the past six months. And some…well, I have no idea.

But they’re all interesting and some are downright hilarious. I get to see them by checking my stats program every day or so, and the search phrases part is by far my favorite. I thought you might like to see some of them too, so here we go:

ben wah balls (I’m grinning here. Check out my very first blog entry in February.)

beth anderson (WHAT? They didn’t Google Hotclue?)

beth (They did it again. Now I’m getting upset.)

writing a synopsis (we have overwhelming hits from this one every month, hurrah!)

novel writing

writing the tight bare bones synopsis beth anderson

i ll take manhattan miniseries

gay (One of my past guests.)

kinky friedman (Looking for Kinky? So am I! But they got little ol’ me. Kinky, are you there? I’m still waiting!) (Don’t tell Count Babbalallapaloozo, though. If you do, there go my Christmas two-carat diamond studs. And to think I just got my ears re-pierced.)

beth anderson blog (I keep tellin’ y’all, it’s MINE!)

gay men in the military

purpose of a synopsis course

back home again in indiana jim neighbors

imus in the morning coffee mug (I want one too! I have to get on The Imus Show to get it, though and I’m working on it. Honest. I am. Maybe I’ll get to meet Col. Jack Jacobs, THE cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, EVER!) (Don’t tell the Count I said that, either.) (But do tell the Imus people ;-))

fighting a narcissist

richard speck childhood

how to deal with a narcissist

book outline and synopsis

murder mystery no profanity books (That’s one of our books, Murder Online.)

beth anderson writer (She’s still getting all the hits? I want a raise!)

gorgeous barry manilow (I’ll somewhat go along with that.)

hot woman sounds (They’re getting close now. They said hot. That must mean me.)

writing a psychological thriller novel

all that glitters the novel by elizabeth anderson (Yep, one of our backlist books.)

love your neighbors wife (Chuckling here. A lot of people want this one.)

jim nabors on maui (I love him and I love Maui. Does that mean there’s a trip to Hawaii in my future?)

american flag bikini (I want one of those, too. I’ll have to tell the Count.)

slouch socks (That’s Beth. I swear it. No, really. I wear Manolo Blahniks.)

al zuckerman (Wouldn’t it be funny if he were Googling himself and got me? Oh, wait! Maybe he did..)

hot writer photos (Beth and I both love this one. It’s one of our favorites.)

can a narcissist love (Trust me. No. Ask any shrink.)

beth anderson synopsis bones

book synopsis example

campfire fun games for married couples (I have NO idea…but you could try The Joys of Sex on Just leave the kids at Grandma’s.)

trouble with your boyfriend (Don’t we all.)

get right back up and try again lyrics

narcissist and compassion

gilda radner its always something

digging emeralds (That’s in our book, Second Generation.)

hot to write a synopsis (Clearly a demented person. Or one who makes typos. Either way, they came to the right place. 😉 )

cherry cigarettes

i don t smoke cigarettes loveless lyrics

the mind of a child killer

gym bloomers (That’s Beth. I swear it!)

mattress yasmine (I know a Yasmine. Not sure about the mattress part, but I’ll ask her.)

clinton and beth anderson (I’ll definitely ask Beth about THAT!)

use of plot point of view & character in writing

girls and dogs doing hot sex (WTF????!)

making hot love to your wife (That’s a little more like it.)

toyboxes for little boys (Ah, yes, our playful senators.)

decorated dinosaur cookies (Blame that one on Beth, too. I don’t bake, although the guys all say I cook.)

beth hunt anderson

hot necked girls suddenly (Don’t leave us hangin’ like that! Finish the sentence, okay?)

sisters in crime

gym suit bloomers (Beth again. How come she’s getting all the hits on MY blog?)

how to make a camproll (Directions are on my tap dancing blog entry a couple of weeks ago. Go ahead, try it if you dare…)

beth anderson – taste (I’m not touching that one.)

listen to she s a bobblehead (I ALWAYS thought Beth was a Bobblehead. Evidently some reader agrees with me. Finally!)

moms bikini holiday (Sounds like somebody went on vacation. It wasn’t me, Beth won’t let me out of the house right now.)

inside the mind of a serial killer

beth s hot (We’ll both take this one.)

autographing breasts (This is from our book, Night Sounds, I think. Either that, or someone’s having weird thoughts about me. No indelible ink, please.)

beth anderson boeing (I’ve always thought so, if that was a typo and they meant boring.)

how to write synopsis in marketing synopsis

cant make you happy card (Try Victoria’s Secret, that’ll make him happy.)

romance novel publishing

barry manilow

benwah balls (From my first blog entry in February. The word got around, I guess.)

beth anderson nude (EEK! RUN!)

beth anderson mystery novels (That IS happenin’.)

miss universe lost virginity (I have no idea WHEN that happened! Maybe one of y’all can fill me in and I’ll blog about it.)

gilda radner

female point of view (I’ll give you mine anytime.)

beth nickels picture (Overpriced. Try one of mine.)

make a narcissist love you

how to write a limerick (We’ll do a future blog on that. Maybe have a contest.)

beth anderson novels

ben wah balls sizes

compactor sounds

unfiltered cigarettes


beth anderson s getting into the mind of a killer (And to prove it, she’s been married three times.)

narcissist ever fall love

beth anderson author

mission oriented cannibal serial killers (Isn’t THAT an interesting search question…)

how to get ben wah balls out (I woke up everyone in the house laughing at this one.)

writing a book synopsis

leave narcissist (Ya might as well while you’ve still got your own sanity left.)

write sending boyfriend 2006 (Does this mean somebody’s sending me a boyfriend this year if I write to them?)

remembering a mothers love

indianapolis nice suburb

giant size clue game (I don’t have a clue 😉 )

how to write a mystery

emails with grammatical errors

what are ben wah balls (Anyone seeing a pattern here? Who would think…)

spandex leotard straitjacket (Beth has threatened me with this.)

beth anderson

ben wah balls (Yep. There’s a definite pattern. Maybe this should be the prize for our limerick contest?)

classes of a serial killer motive lust sex (Well, that’s usually part of it.)

hot wife photos (Must’ve been looking for photos of me, right? Oh wait, I’m not married!)

i lost my virginity to a huge penis (I hate to tell y’all, but this is the one I laughed at hardest.)

my worst spanking (Interesting, the people you meet online…)

beth anderson author

digging for emeralds (This is in our book, Second Generation.)

hot necked girls suddenly (Is this the same one from above, I wonder? Or do we have two guys out there in love with hot necked girls? Or do they mean hot and nekked?)

beth anderson bare bones synopsis

2 girls and a guy erotica (Oh oh. Now we’re getting a little kinky…and it came here? Hmmm…)

anderson hot (My half is. The other half, forget it. 😉 )

how to deal with a narcissist (Incredible, how many people are interested in this.)

crimewriter mickey died last week (My condolences to his family. No, seriously. He was a wonderful writer and one of our reviewers compared us to him. That alone would make him wonderful, if he wasn’t already, which he was.)

first novel publish (Grammar lessons 1st. Novel published, 1,000th.)

beth glitters (She thinks she does, but that’s MY job.)

beth anderson writer

point of view and novel

crime scene pictures of the menendez brothers (Holy Josephine! Do they want videos?)

writing appetizing menus (That HAS to be one of my guests.)

you by beth anderson (Anybody besides me wondering what the missing first word is?)

yellow showgirl feathers (Her name was Lola…)

barry manilow (And Barry wrote it…)

writing a synopsis

blog and beth andersen (Wait a minute here! This is MY blog! MINE MINE MINE!)

money and help writing books chicago (We could all use some of that, right?)

back home again indiana jim nabors

sorority spanking (I have some of the most interesting people coming here, wouldn’t you agree?)

clue synopsis

i ll take manhattan miniseries

superromance global warming (Are they saying Harlequin Superromances are contributing to global warming? Their publicity department would LOVE that!)

how can i make him love me (THIS will be next week’s blog. Stay tuned, or put me on your RSS or Atom or whatever feed.)


one sentence synopsis (How about, “I wrote a book.”)

just imagine-beth anderson (That’s what I say every single day.)

help i m in love with a narcissist

narcissistic traits

melissa sue anderson nude (Thank God that didn’t say BETH Anderson nude. Although you never know what you’ll find online…)

Okay, folks, I just decided. We WILL have a limerick contest sometime soon, and the prize WILL be ben-wah balls. Well, ya gotta keep your blog readers happy, right? My only quandry is, if I Google ben-wah balls and get my own blog, how will I ever find out where to get them?

Love to y’all, and please come back again often. I hope you have as much fun reading this blog as I do writing it.

The Hotclue, on a roll today.

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  1. You sure get some fantastic search phrases, Hots. I think it’s time YOU wrote a book!

  2. Oh, I’d LOVE that, but Beth keeps kicking me off the computer every time I write CHAPTER ONE.

    Glad you liked ’em, Sloane! So did I.

    Come back soon!

    Hugs, Hots







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