August 7, 2006

Hotclue Ponders Important Current Questions

I was thinking. I do that sometimes. Today I’m trying to figure out the answers to a lot of today’s mysteries and I’m wondering if anyone HAS any answers. If you do, please say so. I’m feeling awfully lonely here, with all these questions running around in my head and no answers in sight.

For instance:

Can anybody tell me how come these idiots who start all these wars don’t realize that every time you drop a bomb or shoot a missle and it explodes, it thins out our ozone layer even more than it was before? Yo, guys! Ever hear of Global Warming? Hello? Do you really want to watch your kids and grandkids grow up to be mutants because our ozone layer is at war with us now, thanks to all the pollution?

Maybe I’m wrong but the answer, to me, seems so simple: Idiots, Quit Starting Wars!

Wouldn’t you think our Congressional and Executive and Judicial branches would have much more important things to do than wandering around worrying about who wants to marry whom? Since when is it their business to worry about all that? Why don’t they let the National Enquirer, which IS paid to do all that, DO ALL THAT!

Am I the only one who worries that when George Bush said he answers to a Higher Father, he meant either Carl Rove or Dick Chaney?

Just wondering.

Why is it that it’s okay for oil companies to make billions in profit when so many of our dying-out-middle-class senior citizens are going broke trying to pay their wildly ballooning utility bills?

Come on, guys! Try thinking like commoners once in a while. You might learn something.

Did anybody (other than government bean counter sharks) ever stop to figure out that although seniors who subscribe to Medicare Part D get a break on generic drugs (as long as they’re very, very careful not to buy any expensive ones), companies who mismanage these plans receive an average of $360 per year, per person, FROM those same senior citizens, FOR mismanaging these plans. Now if you factor in how many millions of seniors subscribe to those plans, tell me, WHO is getting the real benefit of Medicare Part D, which stops at $2,500 and doesn’t start up again until those same seniors have spent thousands of dollars of their own money, which most don’t have? I could be wrong, correct me if I am, but it looks like the main beneficiaries of Medicare Part D are the pharmaceutical companies, the mail order drug companies, and the insurance companies.

What a surprise.

Is anybody but me astonished that while our men and women are fighting and dying to promote democracy in countries that do not appear to WANT democracy, thankyouverymuch–and this is supposed to be protecting us here at home, per the Prez–well, at the Very Same Time our own borders, shipyards, utility and other sensitive locations are barely protected at all? The Prez doesn’t seem so concerned about that because if he was, they would be protected, wouldn’t they? And while all this is going on, what are our current legislators all worrying about? See above, item 2. That, and getting re-elected, of course

God love ’em. No wonder they’re all turning gray.

Am I the only one worried that our next election will be decided by electronic voting machines which are terrifyingly insecure and can be hacked by any junior high student?

Oh, wait…so maybe THAT’s where those 62,000,000 votes came from….?

Why do we still have an Electoral College, unless it’s because the same legislators who travel around in packs gathering votes from the general unwashed public ALSO believe that the same general unwashed public is too stupid to know who they’re voting for?

Does that make those traveling legislators somehow culpable in this mass manipulation we call ‘elections’?

Is anybody besides me ready to shoot their television if they see even One More Sound Bite about Mel Gibson’s outburst, Anna Nocole Smith’s pregnancy, or Tom Cruse’s baby?

Note to television producers: Guys, We Don’t CARE. We really don’t. We’re busy worrying about our world, not their world.

I guess that’s it for this time, folks. I apologize for my extreme ignorance, but I really do wonder about these things.

I wonder because dang it all, I care.

Love to y’all, Speak Up if you have questions or answers of your own, and please come back again soon, ya hear me?

Hotclue Herself

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  1. Hotclue – about mattress Yasmine that might have come from Mr. Yasmine, but I’m not sure. I think I’ll go check my search engine, now I know what that cute statistic is.

  2. 😉 It’s real, is all I can say. I’ll show it to you on my stats page if you drop by.

    Love, Hots







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