July 4, 2006

UPDATE–Fourth of July in Chicago, Illinois!

Last night I sat and watched the Fourth of July fireworks here in Chicago. From the other side of the lake, the Chicago skyline was bathed in deep, deep red and orange, fading to black, the perfect backdrop for the most spectacular fireworks I’ve ever seen here or anywhere else up to this day. Chicago really outdid itself this year.

The red and blue stars shooting up, drifting down, the gold chrysanthemums–my personal favorite–so large that one could fill the entire skyline, the white streaks shooting across the water, the purples blazing up into the red skies, incredible, and THIS year they had a brand new type of fireworks so beautiful that I could only sigh. They exploded against the night and floated out over the lake in what appeared to have been a thousand huge three-diminsional multicolored balloons–truly a gorgeous, gorgeous sight. I thought I’d seen everything before, but those new ones were incredible because they looked so round and SO real. Kudos to whoever invented them. They were the work of a genius.

When you look at photos of our Chicago skyline, especially those shot by the young photographer who took the photo that heads up this website, Jon Massie, they are definitely real. Chicago absolutely does look like that in the summer evenings, and when you see his beautiful photos that show red and gold streaking out in the water at night, that’s real. Those red streaks truly do shimmer with the kind of reality and beauty only a great photographer can catch at that moment.

And then to see all the boats out there on the water while the fireworks are going on–I’d never have nerve enough to do that if I owned a boat, but it must be a beautiful sight. (I’ll have to speak to the Count about that next year. I’m willing to try it on HIS yacht. 😉

Anyhow, it was beautiful enough for me to want to blog about it, sitting on the Opposite Side of the Water. Long live Chicago, a city I love more than any other city in the world.

Have a safe one tonight, folks. They’ll be shooting off more fireworks in the smaller towns around the USA. Hope you all have as wonderful a time as I did last night. Stay safe, stay cool, and come back soon, ya hear me?

Love y’all,

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