April 11, 2006


Hello, everyone. I’m Beth Anderson, substituting for Hotclue today or until we can get her down off the ceiling. Right now she’s stuck up there as if she’d been hot-glued to the rafters.

Here’s what happened. I typed THE END to THE SCOUTMASTER’S WIFE yesterday. Hotclue took one look and believed it really was THE END, but when I told her (again) this was really only the beginning, she gave a horrendous shreik, flew up to the ceiling, and she’s still up there.

She did, I’m not joking. She looks like one of those cartoon characters flattened against the ceiling, eyes bulging out, hair sticking straight out from all sides as though she’d just stuck two fingers into a 220 volt electric plug, one designer shoe hanging precariously from her professionally manicured toes. We won’t discuss the disgusting leopardskin spandex leotards. I’m looking up at her right now and that’s exactly how she looks, I swear to you this is true.

I guess I can’t really complain about her appearance. I’m not much better, but that’s par for the course for me when I finish a book. I wander around for days looking like a lost soul in sweats and slouch socks with a hole in each heel.

I know the poor little thing is anxious to get back to Count Babbalallawhateverhisnameis, but I had to tell her that now we have to go back through the manuscript, clean up anything that’s changed, delete some, maybe add some here and there. She doesn’t realize we’ve got it pretty easy because for one thing, I’m a linear writer. I’m very methodical and I clean up most of the booboos as we go along. I have to or I can’t move on, which has made her insane during the entire construction of this book as well as the six preceeding it.

Hotclue’s a firefighter. She loves to fly ahead no matter what we’re writing, get it all down there, and then go back and clean it up after the whole story’s there. That’s fine, but that’s not me. I’ve tried to convince her that really, my way is better (for me) because to my way of thinking, we have a lot less to clean up afterward, plus, nothing really gets out of synch so final edits aren’t that bad. Still, she’s upset. She (greatly) misunderstood and thought there wouldn’t be anything to clean up when we finally reached THE END.

I also had to tell her she’s played enough, it’s time we get this book out there. She doesn’t want to stop playing. Not that I can blame her, the Count is good-looking and filthy rich.

But still.

Quick update: The editing’s done. See, two days, that wasn’t so bad, was it. Then again–and this is something else she hasn’t thought through–an official editor hasn’t gone through it yet.

Even so, YOO HOO, HOTCLUE, YOU CAN COME DOWN NOW! Aw, come on down, please?

See what I mean, folks? I need help.

I have a question for anyone reading this: How do you do it? Do you clean up booboos as you go along, or get it all down on paper (or computer) first and then go back and start editing? Have you tried it both ways?

Hotclue will catch up with you for her next blog, probably Easter Sunday after everybody goes home. Of course you realize, Hotclue does not cook. Never, ever. She dumps all that on me.

Then again, it does leave her more time to blog, doesn’t it.

Wish us luck with THE SCOUTMASTER’S WIFE!
Cheers, Beth

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  1. It seems Hotclue is a little strung out these days. Beth, you need to make a doctor appointment for the little chickee. Prosac sounds like cure. Or invite over Count ……., haven’t a clue on the spelling, all he has to do is wave a few diamonds and Hots will be back on track.

    Writing, ahh the last mystery of life. I type out the whole damned thing with MINOR changes as I go along. Since it takes me a century to finish a book this may not be my best method. LOL.

    Congratulations on TheEnd. You’ve worked long and hard on this book. Can’t wait to see it in the stores.

  2. I don’t know, a century doesn’t sound so bad to me. This one has taken that long, but I think it’s worth it. I’ll be watching for you at my first signing. 😉
    Do you suppose they’ll hold it in the Senate Office Building or the White House? 😉

    Hugs, Beth

  3. Tell her the ceiling might collapse and she’ll get a large boo boo when she falls. That should get her down.

    Congrats on finishing. I love those two little words: THE END. Of course, as you said, it ISN’T THE END because you have to go back and edit.

    I do both, edit a bit along the way, then edit again when it’s done, then send it to my critique group and they make me edit again (just because I substituted the word tend for tent, snort, and none of them knew what a minature bride was. Don’t even get me started on a pone of corn bread. Harrumph.

    Good luck with the new book!

  4. Gosh, ya stumped me too. What IS a miniature bride?

    I’m afraid to give my mss to my crit group. By this time they have to be out for blood. I probably won’t recognize it when I get it back.

    I know what a pone of corn is. Hey, I did a lot of time in Metropolis. (Somehow that doesn’t sound right, does it.)

    Thanks for popping by! Hots will be down any time now. We don’t want booboos on her, she’s the cute one.

    Hugs, Beth

  5. Hotclue and I have a lot in common, although, I’m beginning to see things your way, Beth. I’d rather write the entire damn book and then edit, but I’m really slow at that, or hadn’t you noticed! I guessing linear is better, but then ask me again Monday night. Gee, I hope Hots is down by then, I’d hate for her to fall while we’re meeting.

  6. Hotclue came back down but she’s sitting behind me now nagging me to get ON with it and stop taking time to do things like…oh…entertaining family who haven’t seen me for six months, going for mammograms, blood tests (everything’s fine, folks, just routine), shopping for cat food, all the things I have to do while she sits at home doing her nails. Sigh…

    Hey, Dorothy, your way is fine. Lots of people write it all and then go back. Your editing time will get much shorter as you go along.

    I just found out a long time ago I’m personally better off if I don’t have to completely re-write when I edit. That would make me insane because to me it’d be like writing the book twice. Also, I found that when you’re under contract for a book, time is of the essence.

    My mindset is, I’m always under contract, whether I really am or not. That’s the methodical part of me which causes that. I’m a plodder as I go along, but when I’m finished there’s not much left to do.

    Hugs, THANK YOU for stopping by, and you just keep on doing whatever’s comfortable for you. There is no universal right way. Oh, and P.S. I’ll be sending you my mss VERY soon now to tear through(but after Easter, I know y’all are busy with Easter this week).

    Beth, turning the blog back over to Hotclue now. She has to do something to earn her keep, after all. That’s what Count Babballawhateverhisnameis said, too. 😉







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