March 17, 2006


So I wake up this morning, expecting at the very LEAST an emerald and gold four leaf clover pin with a huge diamond in the middle for my St. Patrick’s Day present. Instead, Count Babalallapaloozo gives me a deed to some castle in Spain, attached to a little green gecko. A live one.

And guess what. I LOVE the gecko! Adore him! (Or her, how do you tell?) Anyhow, the Count and I are giving a St. Patrick’s dinner party for a couple hundred of our closest, dearest friends. Okay, so they’re people we met at a casino last night. Anyhow, we’re celebrating in style with a big corned beef and colcannon dinner. If you don’t know what colcannon is, I’ll tell you in a minute.

I’m bringing my gecko to the dinner. I’ve already arranged to have a chair and a complete table setting for him. He can climb around on his plate to eat his dinner if he wants to, because I LOVE the little green critter and I can’t bear to be away from him for a single second. When I love something I do tend to go all out, don’t I. Well, that’s why they call me Hotclue. The passions run hot, but I don’t have a clue.

I’ve composed a little Irish ditty for all of you who are celebrating today, you can sing it to that tune, you know the one, it goes Da de da da da da da de da da de daaaaa, yeah, that one. Anyhow, here’s the ditty, which it would be nice if you’d sing it with an Irish brogue, please, just to keep it official:

Ohhhh today’s the day we’ve waited for,
The wearin’ of the green,
We’ll start with green martinis,
The brightest ever seen.

Just haul out all your jewels,
And drop them at the door,
And I’ll be glad to keep them,
(Well, what’s a party for?)

Doesn’t matter what your color,
No matter what you weigh,
Ohhhhhhhhhh, everybody’s Irish
On this St. Patrick’s Day!

(Ohhhhhhhhh, EVERYBODY’S Irishhhhhhhhh on this St. Patrick’s Day!)

I knew you’d love it. I made it up just for you. You’re welcome.

Colcannon? Oh, there’s a dish to die for, although it sounds kind of sloppy, but flavor? To die for, like I said. Here’s how you make it–I’m getting this recipe from my French chef, who specializes in Irish food. Today, anyhow.

Take a bunch of potatos, peel them and cut them in little pieces. You don’t have to use a ruler, just cut ’em, for God’s sake. Put them in a pan with water and salt and cook till they’re done. Simple, right? Wait, there’s more,

Cut up a head of cabbage. A small head. Just chop it like in one inch pieces. Put that in a separate pan with a cut up onion, lots of butter, (don’t forget the salt and pepper). Cover all that mess with milk and set it to a slow simmer. Don’t go off reading a magazine now, when you’re cooking with milk you have to watch it.

When everything’s cooked, drain the potatoes, sort of mash them only leave them chunky, add the cabbage mixture to it, milk and all, stir it all together, and, as my chef says, “Voila! Colcannon!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my loves. See you again oh, Saturday night, Sunday morning.
Ta ta!
Hotclue Herself

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  1. Here’s a cyber smooch for you, Hots. Love the ditty and now can’t get the damned thing out of my head.

    I’m not to sure about the colcannon. Have you ever tasted it? Sounds suspicious.

    Give the Count my love and have a grand time at the ball!

  2. I make it often. We love, love, love it. You can also, if you want, cook the cabbage and onions in chicken broth, then pour that out when it’s cooked, dump and cabbage, etc. in the potaotes, and then add milk and butter. But it’s sorta better if you can cook it in the milk, it only takes a few minutes. The milk evaporates some anyhow, so it’s no big deal either way. It’s a little wetter than plain mashed potatos, but it’s supposed to be. It’s delicious, I’m serious.

    Sorry about the ditty. 😉 Let’s sing it again…
    Hugs, and thanks a bunch for stopping by,

  3. Okay, I’ll try it. Tonight friends are coming for dinner and since they’re all Irish – what the hell.

    And knock off that damn ditty. I just got it out of my head!

  4. Give ’em plenty of Guinnes. They won’t know the difference then. 😉 (Got you nervous yet, hmmm?

    Oh, todays the day we’ve waited for,
    The wearin’ of the green…..

    Hugs, Hots







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