February 22, 2006

You Just Can’t Make These Things Up

Hi there!
I promised to blog every Wednesday and Saturday, didn’t I, unless I was busy. Well, I’m busy today, keeping track of Beth because she’s not capable of keeping track of herself right now. She’s getting so close to the end of our new book, THE SCOUTMASTER’S WIFE, that she’s making everyone who knows her crazy because nothing seems to matter except getting to The End. I guess she wants to find out what happens herself, as much as I do, and as we both hope you will when the book comes out.

Meantime, I thought I’d put this in my blog today because I was thinking about it while I sat with Beth, who was, as usual, zoning in on the news stations this morning. Gosh darn, seems like we’re just finding out the White House wasn’t aware we were giving a huge SECURITY CONTRACT to a company in one of the mideastern countries that, rumor has it, has in the past (goshohgollygeewhiz, is this POSSIBLE?) given money to various terrorist organizations.

With that in mind, I want to share with you my all-time favorite quote, spoken by our own Donald Rumsfeld during a press conference a few years ago. This has got to be the most masterful piece of dissemination I’ve ever heard, stunning in its simplicity and effectiveness.

What it did, of course, was baffle the White House Press Corps so much that they couldn’t do anything but sit there and mull over what he’d just said, while Rumsfeld tap danced and did even more of his Show Biz slight-of-hand tricks.

I love to watch him because he’s just so damn much fun to watch. On a slow news day, always call a press conference with Donald Rumsfeld. He’ll jazz your day up fast.

In this case, Donald had just been asked a question about who knew what when over something that had happened or was happening somewhere. I heard it, but I have to admit I was so enchanted with his answer (below) that I couldn’t do anything but sit there and scream-laugh, so I forgot the question.

Anyhow, here’s his answer, worthy of a NY Times column all by itself. I hope you love this as much as I do:

“As we know, there are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know there are known unknowns.
That is to say, we know there are some things we do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don’t know we don’t know.”
………Feb. 12, 2002, Donald Rumsfeld, Department of Defense news briefing

Isn’t it gorgeous? Folks, you just can’t make these things up.

Ta Ta till Saturday!
Love, Hotclue

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  1. Thanks for the laugh, Hots. I’d forgotten just how wonderful our elected and appointed officials are.

  2. They are funny, aren’t they. That’s my specialty, poking fun wherever it’s deserved. I thought that one deserved an entire blog.

    There are more. Nobody’s immune, so stay tuned, I’ll drop them in every once in a while. God love ’em, they do keep life interesting, don’t they.

    Hugs, Hots, who looks at everything political from a forty-five degree angle.

  3. I loooove that quote. Can I put that on my website? Will it fit on my business card? Maybe in my signature line? Even though I know everything. Hey, stop laughing at me, Sloane.

  4. Hey, Jenna, you’ll have to ask Donald Rumsfeld if you can use his quote, I guess, although I didn’t and neither did the NY Times.

    It IS great, isn’t it. You should have seen his face while he was saying it. He was laughing on the inside, I was laughing on the outside. I’ll probably use it on my sig line one of these days myself. I’m dying to, but I’m waiting till the time is exactly right, and then I’ll let The Donald come after me if he objects.

    Thanks for stopping by. Next time I’ll have special snacks. I’m thinking BLT dip and crackers, how’s that sound? You make it by cooking a pound of bacon until it’s way crisp, break it up, add a couple of seeded tomatos, chopped, and a small head of lettuce, chopped fine. Stir all that up in about a cup of mayo, chill and serve with unflavored crackers. Dyn-o-mite! I’m making myself hungry…

    Hugs, Hotclue

  5. I haven’t heard such double speak, since the time I tried to explain to my parents the weird smell in my car. Priceless. I’m goint to have to tune in when Donny speaks. If he talks like that when he visits the troops, he’s gonna get food thrown at him, or worse!

  6. Now you’ve got me curious. What WAS the weird smell in your car? 😉

    Hugs, Hotclue







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